Industries Covered by Fintech

Technology is driving the community, in all aspects of everyone’s life. The advancement of technology gives way for everyone to enjoy their lives in the most convenient manner. One of the things that was greatly impacted by technology is financing. Through fintech, the way people do their financing has changed big time.  

Although traditional banking is still the most trusted and popular option, there are more and more people who are turning their interest to fintech or financial technology. Why not? Technology has changed the lives of many, mostly in a positive manner. Not considering the privileges this option can provide is a huge mistake not just by institutions but also individuals who want their banking lives in a better condition.

You might be aware of what this industry covers only that you do not know that they are part of fintech. One way or another, you have taken advantage of techfin and for sure, you were greatly satisfied with it.

Just to provide you with the things to expect in fintech, read the industries that it covers below.  

Industries Covered By Fintech

So, what are the industries covered by Fintech? Fintech covers a huge number of services and to provide you with samples of it, read below:

Mobile payments

One of the most used services of fintech is mobile payments. Paying through a flick of a finger, using a mobile device gives people the opportunity to enjoy their banking in an easier manner. Mobile payment applications were made to make everyone’s transactions easy and fast.

No need to line up in long queues as everything can now be done at the comfort of your own home using the mobile phone you use every day. There is nothing that can beat the convenience of paying your bills or any other expenses in a few flicks of a finger.

Timothy Iberger provides technology solutions to public companies, and he also believes that this is the best service anyone can get from fintech.

Digital banks

Gone are the days when you needed to use a pen and a paper or a spreadsheet to track and budget your finances. Today, digital banking is made available to ensure that everyone can enjoy smart banking, right at their fingertips. What makes this a better option than traditional banks is that it is convenient. It is convenient since people can access all their banking needs in just one place, withdrawal, deposit, transfer, bill payments etc.

Through techfin, people can enjoy banking right at the comfort of their own homes.


You may or may not have invested in crypto currency but for sure, you have heard about it. There are major discussions about this type of currency, there are some who do not believe in it, while there are some who invested a lot of their hard-earned money in it.

Controversies and discussions are everywhere about crypto currency, but whatever it is, the bottom line is that crypto currency soared and continuously soaring since it was introduced until today and also in the future.

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